Andrea Dessi

AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner

US Veto on UN Settlement Resolution Shows Obama Is Not Ready for Change

By Andrea Dessi

On 18 February, the US vetoed a UN Resolution describing Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories as “illegal” and “constituting a major obstacle” for peace. First submitted by Lebanon in late December 2010 on behalf of the Arab Group and the Palestinians, the resolution was co-sponsored by over 120 nations and received the endorsement of all other veto-wielding members on the Security Council. In the hope of attracting a unanimous pledge of support the resolution was specifically drafted to include wording contained in past UN resolutions as well as US and EU statements on the topic of Israeli settlements.

AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti

Israeli Greater Jerusalem, An Obstacle to Peace?

By Andrea Dessi

In the forty-three years since Israel occupied and annexed East Jerusalem in June 1967 the cardinal principal guiding Israeli policy towards the city has been that of ensuring it never again be divided. 

AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici

Can Turkey Be a Source of Stability in the Middle East?

By Andrea Dessi

Over the past decade Turkey has considerably increased its involvement in Middle Eastern affairs. From the stabilization of Iraq and Afghanistan, to Lebanon’s troubled politics, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, world leaders are increasingly coming to terms with Turkey’s growing regional influence. While some view this Turkish “return” to the region with suspicion and unease; one must acknowledge that Turkey’s growing influence is being spearheaded mainly by the country’s soft-power.