David Bayon

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Book Review: Dispatches by Michael Herr

By David Bayon

Since reading Michael Herr’s Dispatches, I wanted that book in my personal collection. I picked it out at a library in Madrid and for three days, I could not put it down. When I returned it, I bought it on Amazon. Now it is on my shelf, alongside the works of other great reporters such as Wilfred Burchett, John Reid, Phillip Knightley, Robert Kaplan, Alan Moorehead and Blaine Harden. 

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Sierra Leone: It Did Happen

By David Bayon

Sierra Leone is a beautiful country on the bulge of West Africa. Coconut palms and flame trees line its beaches against some of the most amazing sunsets I have seen ever. Lush green mountains and white sands under pure blue skies reflect the three colours of the national flag. 

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The Markets Have Spoken

By David Bayon

According to Alberto Recarte, one of Spain’s leading economists and President of the media group, Libertad Digital, Spain needs at least EUR€150,000 million in order to survive 2011. For 2012, the amount would be slightly higher.

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Believing in NATO's Victory in Afghanistan

By David Bayon

The war NATO is fighting in Afghanistan is a war of necessity and not of choice. In today’s world, globalization has rendered physical boundaries useless, making our safety dependant on the stability of faraway places.