Afghanistan 3

Afghanistan: Dealing with the End Game

By Rudra Chaudhuri

For most Western politicians, the cost in blood and treasure of achieving even modest outcomes in Afghanistan outweighs their respective benefits. In sum, the political momentum for the war has been lost. 

AP Photo/Leslie Mazoch

What Lurks Behind Iran’s Involvement in Latin America?

By Massimiliano Fiore

Since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s election in 2005, Iran has been promoting an aggressive policy aimed at expanding its diplomatic and economic influence across Latin America.

© Miro Gavran

Original and Imitative Literature Today

By Miro Gavran

Life in the countries of Europe is becoming far less original that it used to be. This is due to globalisation that is leading to the gradual disappearance of differences in lifestyle among the numerous European peoples.

AP Photo/Karen Prinsloo

On Kenya's Rooftop

By Njoki Wamai

Having lived near Mount Kenya for most of my life in the town of Nyeri in the Central Province of Kenya, I have grown so accustomed to the mountain that I almost ignore it despite its imposing beauty. The jagged snow capped peak was part of my childhood scenery. I revered it but kept my distance.

© Alessandro Vannucci

Bokor: A Forgotten Fragment of Cambodia's Past

By Guido Pallini

There are places in the world of which little is known. Their past, though intertwined with the lives of ordinary men and adventurous travellers, remains somehow on the sidelines of history. Bokor is one of those places.

AP Photo/Hussein Malla

Ecstatic Welcome to Ahmadinejad in Lebanon

By Manar Rachwani

In the end, the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to Lebanon went contrary to the fears that preceded or accompanied it. 

AP Photo/Ibrahim Usta

Was the Mossad Really Behind the Resurgence of Kurdish Terrorism in Turkey?

By Massimiliano Fiore

On 31 May, the same day as the Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla that killed nine Turkish citizens, the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) carried out a rocket attack on a military vehicle near the Iskenderun Naval Base, killing seven Turkish sailors and injuring six others. This coincidence and the fact that it was not a conventional PKK attack, taking place outside its traditional area of operation, raised strong suspicions that the two incidents were related.